wisdom over knowledge,
integrity over gain,
try than regret.

being strong enough to trust in Him again. and again.
as He has loved me. again and again and again once more.

j j j

the streets: boston 1.



Tammy, 27, Musician + Anna, 27, Student.
Found: By the Harbor.

I usually leave my personal comments out of the “The Streets” series, but felt compelled to add that I was immediately drawn to the peaceful energy of these two. They were just doing their thing in a quiet corner, free from the rest of the world. I almost didn’t want to even ask for a photo, in fear of disturbing the vibe. But I’m glad I did. They were so friendly and open to me, a complete stranger, snapping a photo and conversation. I wish the best for you, Anna and Tammy. Please email me, I would love to send you these photos.

j j j